Fun in the Summertime!

Dr Pepper Museum logo wearing sunglasses  The summer is quickly approaching and the Museum has lots of exciting things that will be going on. 

From June 4 to September 11, the Dr Pepper Museum is hosting Toy Tech, a traveling exhibition all about toys!  The exhibit will focus on toys that both kids and adults are familiar with.  By taking them apart and putting them back together, visitors to the exhibition learn exactly what makes those toys work. They also get to take a peek into the invention process. 

Toy Tech illustrates the similarities between the way children play and the way the creative process is used by inventors in science and technology.  This exhibition provides visitors with hands-on opportunities to:

  • Learn how play fosters creative talents among children as well as adults
  • Understand how toys work by assembling and disassembling them 
  • Trace the development of toys through history
  • Engage in multi-sensory experiences through hands-on activities that involve mechanical, optical, and acoustical toys 
  • Experience their own playful and inventive abilities by inventing new toys
  • Understand how children’s play parallels processes used by inventor.

Toy Tech supports the Dr Pepper Museum’s mission of free enterprise education by showing visitors the process of taking an idea and making it into a marketable product — the touchstone of free enterprise – while emphasizing entrepreneurship and innovation.

On June 27 through July 1 we are hosting for the first time – Kids Invent! Toys. Campers invent their own toys by experimenting with a variety of materials and tools by engaging their creative and problem solving skills.   It’s sure to be a fun time for campers as they take apart and reassemble toys and then create their very own new toys!  Back in April, a few of our staff and several teachers from the area got to preview some of the camp activities and we had a blast!  Check out some pictures at the bottom of this post!

So what can you do to make the summer a success?  Come see Toy Tech!  Sign your children up for Kids Invent! Toys!  Registration opens May 16.  You can find more information on our website

Do you have a little bit more time that you might be able to volunteer at the Museum this summer?  We are seeking energetic volunteers to be Summer Camp Counselors for the Kids Invent! Toys camp and Exhibit Gallery Guides for Toy Tech.  Come experience the joy of working with kids this summer and get involved in the fun of learning yourself! You can gain valuable work experience, contribute to your local community, and support the Dr Pepper Museum and our mission.  Whether you are looking for volunteer hours for your college application or are retired and looking for ways to give back to your community, we have a spot for you!  Check our website for more information including our application. 


Dr. Sobey demonstrating the boomerang!

Up, up and away!Helicopters now!


What?Ready to roll!

Trying out the airplane!

The creative juices are flowing!

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