Education at the Dr Pepper Museum

Education at the Dr Pepper Museum2021-10-11T16:01:38-05:00
At the Dr Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute, we teach economic concepts through the example of Dr Pepper and the soft drink industry. This educational mission was inspired by W. W. “Foots” Clements, Dr Pepper’s legendary Free Enterprise success story and advocate for economics education. We believe that to be successful, it is essential for students to be financially literate and understand their part in the Free Enterprise system. To support our community and teachers, we provide a variety of ways to learn about financial literacy, media literacy, entrepreneurship, and economics. Whether you join us in person for an engaging field trip or utilize our virtual resources, we hope to support you as you set up the next generation for success.

W. W. “Foots” Clements Free Enterprise Institute

The Free Enterprise Institute was the dream of W. W. “Foots” Clements, one of the Dr Pepper Company’s most influential leaders and a founding board member of the Museum.  To further the Museum’s mission of free enterprise education, the Free Enterprise Institute was created in 1997 for the purpose of educating Texas school children and adults about the economic system that underlies American life. Thousands of students from as far away as San Antonio and Houston visit the Museum and Institute on field trips, learning elements of economics and free enterprise in guided tours.  Visitors experience free enterprise concepts through the Museum’s programming, exhibitions, and special events.