The Spooky Specialist: Cindy Little

With Halloween quickly approaching, you’ve probably started your search for something spooky. For paranormal investigator Cindy Little, this search never stops. I had the opportunity to chat with Cindy about her journey to the world of paranormal investigations. Although she’s been fascinated with ghosts and ghost stories since she was a little girl, she didn’t begin investigating until about 10 years ago. I had such a great time hearing about her investigations and the many haunted locations in Waco. I definitely have a list of places I need to check out (more on that later)!

What do paranormal investigations look like?

My first question was pretty broad. How do these things work? I’ve seen a few movies, but by no means do I actually know what a paranormal investigation looks like. I was really surprised to find out the things I’ve seen aren’t all that similar to an actual investigation. According to Little, “they’re not like the movies.” Investigations in the movies are much more edited and much shorter. Little actually compared her investigations to fishing. You have to be patient and you have to be ready.

What’s your favorite story?

I couldn’t think of a better person to ask! Sure, you could look up ghost stories, but what’s better than hearing one from a paranormal investigator herself? According to Little, it’s rare to actually see a ghost. So rare that she’s only seen one in her 10 years of investigating. Little told me the story and it was different than I would have imagined. It happened while doing an investigation with a group in Marlin. According to Little, she caught something out of the corner of her eye. Two guests were off in the corner and they seemed to just be checking things out. All of a sudden, the person behind stepped in front and disappeared, she said. Little was able to recall exactly what the man was wearing. He wasn’t in Victorian clothing, he wasn’t walking any different than the other person, he just looked like a normal guy, she said.

What have you found at the Dr Pepper Museum?

There’s a lot of energy in the Museum, on all three floors. Doors have shut, doors have slammed, and toilets have flushed on their own. Video recordings have shut off without being prompted, and zooming has occurred without anyone doing it. There are sounds recorded and electromagnetic spikes that just cannot be explained. “Keep your eyes and ears open, there are some really strange things that go on in that Museum at night,” Little said.

What should people be on the lookout for?

Little brings her paranormal investigating class to the Dr Pepper Museum each year. On each visit, Little consistently has students comment on the way they feel during the investigation. They just feel different. Some feel dizzy, some notice a change in the atmosphere and some have felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. Little advises people to “be alert to your feelings.” Those feelings can say a lot.

Interested in more haunted locations around Waco?

I’ve attached the list of places Little gave to me:

  • Patrick Cemetery
  • Train trestle downtown by the food trucks
  • Lindsey Hollow Rd.
  • First St. Cemetery
  • Jacob’s Ladder in Cameron Park

We’re thankful for Cindy and happy she is able to bring her class to the Museum each semester. You can find Cindy’s information by visiting or by heading to her Facebook page.

If you’re intrigued after reading about this paranormal activity, the Dr Pepper Museum may just be your next stop. This year will be our 3rd Annual DPM After Dark. Those who register for the event get the chance to take a lights-out tour of the Museum. You’ll learn about the history of Waco, Dr Pepper, and about the paranormal activity recorded at the Museum!

Tickets are $30 per person and registration is open now!

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