The Well Dressed Pepper Opens at The DPM!

The exhibit team at the Dr Pepper Museum is excited about the topic of the first
temporary exhibit in 2013: clothes and accessories. The Well Dressed Pepper
opens Saturday, January 26th, on the second floor of the Dr Pepper Museum.

The exhibit will showcase route salesman uniforms, promotional t-shirts, watches,
jewelry, pins, scarves, and anything you can think of that says I’m a Pepper! on it.
Front and center will be the crown jewels of the exhibit: beautiful bedazzled dresses
commissioned by the Dr Pepper/Seven-Up Company for their 1995 bottlers meeting.

Interactives include a large “I Spy” type photograph chock full of items visitors can also see on exhibit, and a life size cartoon route salesman you may recognize from the Diet Dr Pepper “I Exist Support Group” commercials. The route salesman is being painted by local artist and Dr Pepper fanatic Autumn Outlaw. The stand up will be available as a photo opportunity to visitors. Stop by and see this great exhibit!

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