The Bubbly Penafiel

photograph of a Penafiel signToday, we are going to take a slight excursion from looking at our normal topics of soda and Dr Pepper related items and venture to look at a sparkling water created south of the border.  Peñafiel is Mexico’s top sparkling water and is now owned by Dr Pepper Snapple Group but not too long ago, this popular drink was only available in Mexico.

Peñafiel got its start in humble origins.  It was created by the Peñafiel family in Tehuacan, Puebla, Mexico in 1948 and first bottled in San Nicholas, Tetitzintla.  In little over a decade, Peñafiel had expanded into Mexico at large.

Peñafiel was acquired by Cadbury Schweppes in 1992.  While under Cadbury Schweppes, the brand grew with an increased line of products and innovative packaging.  Peñafiel Twist, fruit-flavored mineral water that contains 75% fewer calories than traditional soft drinks, was introduced in 2003 with Peñafiel Naturel, a drink with no artificial sweeteners that still offers around 75% fewer calories than traditional soft drinks, following the next year.

photograph of a Manzana Penafiel canToday, Peñafiel is part of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and the product line holds a variety of choices.  From sparkling water to limeade, there are a variety of flavor choices depending on what you are searching for.  Some, like the sparkling water, limeade and Twist, are more classified under the water category while products, like Fresa and Mandarina, are seen to be more in line with traditional soft drinks.  Through the product line expansion, Peñafiel has really grown from its humble origins to become become known internationally  .  Although a large portion of sales of Peñafiel come from Mexico, Dr Pepper Snapple Group is dedicated to furthering the product line and expanding the consumer base for this unique product.photograph of a Penafiel bottle

photograph of a Penafiel bottle









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