Nominating Committee Report

Nominating Committee Report Slate of Directors and Officers for 2016

The Nominating Committee met on Wednesday, October 13, 2015 to consider nominees for the 2016 Directors, Officers and Executive Committee of the Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute. The Committee submits the following slate of candidates for Directors, Officers, Executive Committee, and Advisory Council for election by the membership at the Annual Meeting of Members and Partners on December 4, 2015:

Nominated for three-year terms on the Board of Directors ending in 2018:


  • 1  Pat Cargill
  • 2  Mary Brock
  • 3  Janet McCarty
  • 4  Paul Ward
  • 5  Gary Smith
  • 6  Randy Tinsley
  • 7  Marcus Brooks
  • 8  Daniel Reyna
  • 9  Katherine Wolfe
  • 10  Robert Gilinski

Nominated for a two-year term on the Board of Directors ending in 2016:

24 Holt Getterman
Nominated to be an officer of the Board of Directors during 2016:

Vice President
Past President
(Marcus Brooks, President for 2016 was elected at the 2014 Annual Meeting)


The 11 member Executive Committee consists of the 6 officers and 5 At Large members Nominated for At Large membership on the 2016 Executive Committee:

At Large At Large At Large At Large At Large

Jim Clifton Robert Otis Charles Brizius Gary Smith Wilton Lanning

The Advisory Council consists of 10 non-voting members serving one-year terms Nominated for a one-year term on the Advisory Council:

  • Robert O’Beirne 

  • Andrew Springate 

  • Howard Edmiston 

  • Claude Ervin 

  • Bob Cragen 

  • Jim L. Turner 

  • Lee Lydick 

  • Jack Kilduff 

  • Robert Borchgardt 

  • Tom Tyler 

Submitted by the Nominating Committee Chair Gaylan Beavers

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