Go Big Red!

This summer we will feature the other Wacoan – Big Red – as our summer exhibit.  It’s been 75 years since it was created at 209 Franklin Avenue here in Waco.  As we get ready for this great event, follow us on Twitter @drpeppermuseum for a sneak peek at what it takes to get an exhibit of this scale off the ground and into the exhibit cases.

To catch you up to speed with the process so far, the exhibit team has had a few meetings for brainstorming.  Who is the exhibit team, you ask?  Our Exhibits Manager, Gabe; Our Director of Collections and Technology, Mary Beth; Our Director of Communications and Visitor Services, Jennie; and yours truly, Joy!

After pulling our ideas together, we sat down with Big Red, Inc.’s CEO, Gary Smith and now we’ve got everyone on board!  Full steam ahead! Last week we headed to Big Red’s production facilities and got the grand tour from Scott Jackson, Vice President of Supply Chain.  Plus we brought back some cool artifacts for the exhibit along with some Retro Big Red for the gift shop!  (Yummy! Pure cane sugar Big Red, get it quick while the supply lasts!)  We’ll be heading back for another round of artifact pickup, because they’ve got a great archive there and we just couldn’t carry it all back here at once.  So keep an eye out for more info about the development of this exhibit.  You can celebrate 75 years only once!  Until then, you can check more info about Big Red at http://www.bevindustry.com/articles/big-future-in-store-for-big-red

Do you have a favorite Big Red moment?  Tweet us or post your pic to our Big Red Flickr album!

A few Big Red objects in our collection

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