Dr Pepper 10-2-4 Collectors’ Club Meets for 30th Convention

Over 130 members of the Dr Pepper 10-2-4 Collectors’ Club visited the Dr Pepper Museum on Thursday, March 13, 2014 for the annual Open House held in conjunction with the Collectors’ Club Convention.  Attendance at the Club’s 30th anniversary convention was the largest in recent memory.

The Dr Pepper Museum staff staged a seminar related to the convention’s theme, Dr Pepper in the 1930s.  Joy Summar-Smith, Krista Stephens and Charles Stanford all took part in the presentation.

Museum Directors Randy Tinsley and Roger Camp gave an interesting presentation about the history of plates and trays.

At Friday’s Business Meeting, DPM Executive Director, Jack McKinney, was elected to serve a two-year term as president of the Dr Pepper 10-2-4 Collectors’ Club.

For the past several years the Club has donated the proceeds of its annual silent auction to the Dr Pepper Museum.  At the Dr Pepper 10-2-4 Collectors’ Club closing banquet, the museum was presented a check for $1,000!

Check out photos from this year’s meeting.



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