Collectors Spotlight: Jay Kasper



“I have been collecting bottles for over 50 years and a Dr Pepper drinker for over 60 years. My favorite Dr Pepper bottles are these embossed “KING OF BEVERAGES” which were used from 1905 to 1927. The first picture shows two of the earlier hand-blown bottles, one clear and one aqua glass, both from Waco. The second picture is a hand-blown bottle from Dallas. The third is a machine-made aqua bottle from Waco which is also embossed 7 OZ. This one dates from about 1920-1925. Although it is newer than the first two Waco bottles it is a much rarer variation. The fourth picture shows 7 OZ clear bottles from Waco and Dallas that are rarer still. These date from 1927 and were the last King Of Beverage bottles produced before the Good For Life slogan took over. They both have DR. PEPPER in block letters on the base. The Dallas bottle is the only known example of this variation, as far as I know. The fifth picture is not a Dr Pepper bottle at all but a Dr Pepper imitator embossed DR. PATTON. AHEAD OF ALL from Rosebud, Texas. G. L. Mayer bottled soda in Rosebud and attempted to copy the King of Beverage bottle for his own soda flavor. When Dr Pepper found out they filed a lawsuit for copyright violations and of course won. Part of the settlement was that all Dr Patton bottles must be destroyed. At least one survived undamaged.”




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