Collector Spotlight: Stan Sanders

It has become a tradition to feature a collector who is a member of the 10-2-4 Collectors Club in the Museum’s elevator lobby exhibit space.  The exhibit is installed just in time for the 10-2-4 Collectors Club Convention, which takes place in Waco every year, and is left in place until time for the next convention.


A native Texan, Sanders caught the collecting bug as a kid with baseball cards and Army men.  As an adult, his collecting evolved into a passion for antique cars, Texaco car banks and airplanes, Wild Turkey decanters, soft drink memorabilia, and oil and gas items in general.  His most beloved item was a 1957 Chevrolet of which he still has fond memories.  Today he stores most of his collection in his shop and game room.

His soft drink collection includes a variety of brands, but mainly consists of Dr Pepper.  His first Dr Pepper item was a 1960 bottle that he found at an antique store.  Today his Dr Pepper collection consists of bottles, carriers, and signs.

His favorite Dr Pepper piece is a small bronze statue of Bill Kloster, who owned and operated the Dublin Dr Pepper bottling plant for many years.  The piece is known as Sweet Inspiration and he acquired the piece through eBay.

His most unusual piece is three-sided motorized sign that rotates.  Each side has a different image on it that can be viewed as the sign rotates.  He bought the sign from another Dr Pepper collector.

Sanders is a member of the 10-2-4 Collectors Club and he enjoys swapping stories and Dr Pepper items with his fellow collectors.  He had this to offer to anyone who is interested in beginning their own collection:  “Buy what you like and purchase the best you can afford.  Start small and build your collection over time.”

For more information about becoming a member of the 10-2-4 Collectors Club and attending the annual convention, visit the Facebook Event Page.

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