Can Crush Experiment


· Empty soda can rinsed out

· Countertop or stovetop burner

· Tongs or heat resistant gloves

· Room-temperature water

· Bowl of cold water

· Adult supervision


1) Pour a small amount of room-temperature water into the soda can (enough to cover the bottom).

2) Set the can on the burner. Turn the burner on to the highest setting.

3) Wait for the water in the can to start boiling. Watch the can closely – you’ll know it’s ready when you see steam coming out of the top of the can.

4) When the steam is leaving the can in a steady stream, get ready to remove the can from the burner and submerge it into the bowl of cold water. Place the bowl of cold water close to the burner to avoid handling the can for longer than necessary. Grab the tongs or put on the heat resistant gloves.

5) Grab hold of the can with either the tongs or while wearing the gloves. Be careful not to touch the burner. Hold the can with your palm facing up – this will make it easier to turn the can upside down into the bowl of cold water.

6) Move the can away from the burner and towards the bowl of cold water. Turn the can upside down and directly into the bowl of cold water.

7) Watch the can implode!

After you’ve tried this once, feel free to try it again with modifications – change the amount of water in the can, change the temperature of the water in the bowl, etc.

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