Collectors Spotlight: Bill Harwell

“My prize possession is the Peppy Party cardboard sign in the great wooden 10-2-4 frame. It was a gift in the 1970s from my mother and it has been prominently displayed in my home ever since.

My mother stopped by the Dr Pepper home office on Mockingbird to get some information about the aforementioned Peppy Party item and got this nice letter from Mr. Ellis. Staff edit: Harry Ellis was the historian for the Dr Pepper Company and helped establish the permanent collection of the Dr Pepper Museum.

A small collection of Dr Pepper bottles. The “message in a bottle” item is my daughter’s souvenir from our visit to the Museum in Waco in the early 1990s. I’ve bequeathed a couple of nice pieces to her recently including a nice old analog clock and plastic illuminated bottle cap. They’re on display at her home in Tucson.”


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