Brazos Higher Education to Underwrite  Economics Field Trips

The Brazos Higher Education Foundation has donated $10,000 to The Dr Pepper Museum to allow more school children to benefit from it’s Free Enterprise Institute’s economics field trip programs. “The Free Enterprise Institute has hosted thousands of school field trips since its inception in 1997,” stated Jack N. McKinney, Executive Director of the Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute. “Recent cuts in school district budgets have reduced the volume of field trips across the state. This generous gift will allow us to offer full scholarship programs and reduced participation fees on other programs during September, October, and November.”

The check was presented to the Dr Pepper Museum by Mr. Murrary Watson CEO of the Brazos Higher Education Foundation at the Museum’s quarterly Board of Directors meeting.

The Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation, Inc. is a non-profit service corporation which provides administrative support and management services to a number of independent non-profit corporations each of whom are dedicated to helping students and parents finance the cost of higher education. According to their mission statement, Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation, Inc. makes education a reality by supporting programs and initiatives to finance educational opportunities through all available means while delivering premier services to all their constituents.

The programs at the Free Enterprise Institute offer a variety of educational opportunities based in economics, history, science, and math principles. Groups that have benefited from the Institute’s programs include public and private schools, home schools, colleges, scouts, sports teams, and other youth groups. Many school groups have returned year after year for these engaging and educational programs.

Based on the history and development of that unique and beloved American soft drink, Dr Pepper, the Institute’s tours and programs provide a look into the background of two American institutions: the soft drink industry and the free enterprise economic system. The programs explore the process of how Dr Pepper came to be: a good idea in 1885 paired with production and advertising and marketing have made a successful product at home in Waco, Texas and globally!

Schools groups from across the state travel to the Museum to participate in the Advertising and Marketing: Kid Style program, a day long look at the history of advertising, how to advertise, and what makes good advertising. The day ends with student groups developing their very own unique soft drink and advertising. Shorter versions of this program are available.

Teachers interested in the scholarship programs should contact the Museum at 254.757.1024 x 129 or [email protected]. School bookings for the fall 2012 semester begin on August 13, 2012.

Image: Virginia Clements, Dr Pepper Museum Board Member, Murray Watson, Brazos Higher Education, Jack McKinney, Executive Director, Dr Pepper Museum

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