A Pepper Party!

While we consider the Museum a happenin’ place while we’re open to visitors, sometimes wild and crazy things happen after hours, too!  On August 28th Baylor’s Zeta Zigga Zamma held their third annual Klub Kool-Aid party in our courtyard.  According to the Facebook pictures, it was a night for the ages, and Tyler was kind enough to send along a picture of the over 1800 people who attended:

Wow!  This is a great time to remind everyone that the entire Museum building and courtyard are available for rental year-round.  ZZZ, according to their Twitter page, is “An inclusive social group that offers an alternative to a fraternity at Baylor University.”  For more info visit them here, and be sure to check out drpeppermuseum.com or follow us on Twitter for all the DPM scoop!

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