Partner Spotlight: Precision Wraps

Our partnership with Precision Wraps started earlier this year when we approached them to sponsor a wall wrap on the third floor of the Museum along with a new wrap for our outreach van. After learning more about our respective companies, they generously agreed to provide the third floor wall wrap on an annual basis as well as the new van wrap.


While we discuss the free enterprise system throughout the entire Museum, the third floor of the Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company (AMBC) Building is specifically dedicated to exploring this topic. A new feature in that space is an interactive executive’s desk where visitors can sit and get their photo taken as they envision themselves as the next President or CEO. The goal is to seek a different corporate sponsor each year and feature their logo (or other cool design with their branding!) on the background wrap. We want to tell the stories of companies whose brands and products have made an impact on people and popular culture. Precision Wraps is helping us make this goal possible by donating the wall wrap each year. Our first wrap features Keurig Dr Pepper, of course!

Deciding on a design for the new van wrap has proved to be a challenge since the awkward angles and utility of a vehicle don’t lend themselves very well to explaining the presence or purpose of a soft drink museum. The design team at Precision Wraps has worked hard to bring our vision to life, and we are in the final stages of revisions before getting the wrap finished up! Our goal is for the van to be an eye-catching photo op when it is parked at the Museum, and a beacon of fun and nostalgia when seen out on the road. Keep an eye out on our social media channels for updates on the van.

Thank you again to Caleb Grisham and his team at Precision Wraps. We have since worked with them on a variety of other projects, and are thrilled with how the wraps accentuate spaces in our historic buildings.

The entrance to our newest temporary exhibit, Not Just Another Pretty Face: Sex Symbol, Secretaries, and CEOs,
is marked by a temporary wall panel that is completely wrapped in vinyl.

The back wall of our new long term exhibit Healing Waters is wrapped in an image of the Schweppe’s fountain from the 1851 World’s Fair.

The ribbon applied as a vinyl decal behind the acrylic timeline title in the Healing Waters exhibit creates depth, especially against the texture of the wall.

Interested in a wrap? We recommend working with Precision Wraps.

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