Tour & Field Trip FAQs

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Tour & Field Trip FAQs

If you have booked or are interested in booking a 10-2-4 Tour or a Home of Dr Pepper Field Trip, take a moment to review our frequently asked questions for more information about what to expect from your visit.

Are all visitors required to book a tour to visit?

If you are a family or small group of fewer than 20 people, you do not need to book a tour to visit the Museum. Pay regular admission when you arrive and go through the Museum at your own pace.

Do you offer guided tours?

If you book a tour or field trip, it DOES NOT include a guide. Our Educator will greet you, give you a brief introduction, and be there to meet you after you go through the Museum to give you your Dr Pepper. Group leaders, teachers, and chaperones are responsible for the members of their group and leading them through the Museum.

Can my small group book a tour?

Groups with fewer than 20 people can book a tour of field trip, but they will be required to pay for the minimum number of 20 people.

What are the advantages to booking a tour or field trip in advance?

You are not required to book a tour or field trip in advance in order to bring your group to the Museum. However, in that instance we cannot work to ensure your group gets through the Museum within a certain amount of time, prepare large numbers of drinks in advance, and take payment/pass out admission wristbands outside of the normal visitor line, which can be very long during busy seasons.

Is there bus or large vehicle parking available?

The parking lot across 5th Street from the Museum can accommodate buses and large vehicles along the back curb closest to the white Mary Street Market building. There is also street parking in the blocks immediately surrounding the Museum where buses can park after dropping off your group.

What if I don’t know the exact number of people who will be attending with my group? Can I pay for more people or get a refund when we arrive?

Please estimate and pay for the number of people in your group to the best of your ability. We need to know the approximate size of your group to best prepare for your visit. If you only book and pay for 20 but you really have closer to 60 in your group, we may not be able to accommodate all aspects of the tour or field trip. However, if you need to pay for a few more people or be refunded for a few people, we can easily do that when you arrive.

Can my group do the Make-A-Soda or Taste-A-Soda experiences while we are there?

Our Make-A-Soda and Taste-A-Soda experiences are not available for private group bookings at this time. However, you are welcome to book any available spots we have listed online that don’t conflict with your tour reservation since those are first come, first serve for all visitors.

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