Summer Camps

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Summer Camp at the Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute is the most POP-ular camp in town! This five-day camp is bubbling over with hands-on experiments, team activities and, of course, Dr Pepper! Camp activities are designed to educate and excite children about free enterprise and the soft drink industry. Campers will explore the fantastic world of fizz, imagine and invent their own soft drinks, master the art of advertising and train behind the soda fountain, graduating camp as genuine soda jerks. Each day campers explore a different aspect of Dr Pepper and the soft drink industry.

Soda Pop Science

Campers will learn all about the science behind making soft drinks. There will be hands-on activities, arts and crafts, exciting videos, science experiments and a special talk from a Dr Pepper Museum curator about starting and preserving your own collection. Campers will explore the Museum and see how soft drinks were made and bottled over 100 years ago in our Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company building built in 1906.

Invent and Create

Campers will learn about free enterprise, inventors and inventions and what it takes to turn their own ideas into a fabulous new creation. This day includes museum time, hands-on activities, arts and crafts, fun videos, creating new soft drink flavors and a special talk from a Dr Pepper Museum curator about soft drink inventions and innovations.

Pop Art

Campers will learn all about the art of advertising and marketing by creating an advertising campaign for the drink they created on Invent and Create day. This day includes fun art activities, watching Dr Pepper commercials and creating and starring in their own commercials. A Dr Pepper Museum curator will show campers art and advertisements from the Museum’s collection and talk about advertising logos and campaigns throughout Dr Pepper history.

Biz Smart

Campers on this day are encouraged to be BIZ SMART with positive values and to apply the Golden Rule in doing business. With a visit to the Free Enterprise Institute campers learn about W. W. “Foots” Clements and his passion for free enterprise. Then, as young entrepreneurs, they apply what they have learned about business through a kid’s perspective by developing their own ideas for a kid run business (ie. dog walking, yard work, selling cookies, etc).

Soda Jerk Academy

Campers on this day will learn how to be real soda jerks and make old-fashioned ice cream treats. Campers will learn about germs and sanitation, old-fashioned soda fountain slang, and how to make ice cream from scratch. A Dr Pepper Museum curator will talk about old time drugstores and soda fountains and will share some Museum artifacts with the campers. This day includes arts and crafts, hands-on activities and making a soda in the Museum’s soda fountain. The whole day ends with an ice cream social for campers and their families!