Historic Artesian Well Glass

Historic Artesian Well Glass


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Jar of glass from the Dr Pepper Museum artesian well.  Each jar is hand-assembled and unique.

5.75″ height x 2.75″ diameter

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Own a piece of Dr Pepper and Waco history.  These jars are packed with hand-washed, hand-selected pieces of broken Dr Pepper bottles dug out of the well in the historic Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company Building, which now houses the Dr Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute.  The glass comes from broken Dr Pepper and Circle A Ginger Ale bottles taken from the well during the 1990 renovation of the Museum.  Look for the Circle A logo, script lettering of the Dr. Pepper King of Beverages Logo, and the famous 10-2-4 Clock Dial logo in your jar.  Each jar is unique!  Lid variations are green and white depending on stock.

More information about the well taken from the Waco: Home of Dr Pepper tour script:

Whether you are talking about Dr Pepper or any other soft drink, they all have one thing in common: the main ingredient is water.  86 – 93% of a soft drink is water.  This well supplied the water in the early years to make Dr Pepper.  An underground aquifer of artesian water was the source.  The water was pumped to the third floor to be filtered and distilled.  It then came back down to the first floor bottling works through hoses. 

Since the early 1920s, the well has been filled and covered over with concrete.  Its exact location had been forgotten.  In the late 1980s during the restoration of this building, workers with jackhammers broke through some concrete platforms in this area and uncovered the brick circle. It was the old well covered over so long ago!  They excavated to a depth of 27 ½ feet which is what can be seen in the Museum today.   (It is actually deeper than that.)  Several inches of dirt topped thousands of broken bottles that filled the well.  In the 1920s there were three periods of prolonged drought in a span of 5-6 years.  Wells proved to be an unreliable source of water for the businesses and residents of Waco.  The City of Waco found another source of water for the city’s water supply, so wells inside of buildings were filled and covered over. That included the Dr Pepper bottling plant.  (NOTE:  Lake Waco dam construction did not begin until 1929, so they had to use another source of water than Lake Waco.  We’re not sure what that source of water was, but it was not originally Lake Waco.)


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