Soda Pop Quiz

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Find the syrup dispenser next to Dr. Alderton. What two nutrients are listed in its 1891 logo to describe Dr. Pepper’s health benefits?

Circle A Ginger Ale was invented by Robert Lazenby in the 1880s. What animal did he brand with “Circle A” before he used it on bottles?

Pop quiz! The well is 27.5 feet deep. A 20 oz. Dr Pepper bottle is 8.5 inches tall. How many Dr Pepper bottles stacked on top of each other would it take to reach the bottom? (Round Up to the nearest whole number)

B.C. and The Wizard of ID are comics that were drawn by Johnny Hart. In the 1960s, he also drew a caveman advertisement for Dr Pepper, known as?

Across from the signs is a mural that shows the back of the AMBC Building in the 1910s. By this time, stores could phone in their Dr Pepper order to the company. Look on the vehicles and see if you can find the telephone number for AMBC.

What country produces the “Foots” soft drink?

Find the boiler next to the entrance to the East Wing. Originally located inside the AMBC Building, what kind of energy did this boiler make to power the bottling machinery?

Watch the video in the Treasures vault to learn about the history of collecting. According to our Associate Director, when did museums get their start?

Watch the bottles as they travel down the conveyor belts and fill with 7UP. Bottling lines today travel much faster. How many cans a minute do you think a line fills today?

Spot was the mascot for 7UP in the 1980s and 90s, but what was the name of the mascot in 1958?

The mint green Dr Pepper pedal car was made for younger fans of Dr Pepper in the 1960s. How much did it cost then?

It was not always called Big Red. What was Big Red originally called?

In the 1950s, Frosty Dog, known as Boomer, and his sidekick, Pup, sold Dr Pepper. What type of dogs are Boomer and Pup?

Who is the lady with the beaming smile?