One last chance for Campers!

Hi, it’s Michelle again! I wanted to get the word out about our last summer camp of the year that starts on August 6th and lasts through August 9th. So far the kids that have come in June and July have had a blast each day. They are super excited to get here and are sad to leave at 4:30. They have really enjoyed learning about carbonation with hands on activities and competing in our Soda Jerk Relay Race. The kids have also enjoyed seeing different parts of the museum each day.  But I have to say their favorite part is jerking their own soda at the soda fountain – their faces just light up with excitement! It’s also a great opportunity for them to make some new friends as well.

The program is for ages 8 to 13 years old. The program runs Monday thru Thursday from 1:00pm-4:30 pm with a different theme each day.

  • Mondays are Soda Pop Science where the kids learn about carbonation and how it works through various experiments.  There’s even some fun with dry ice!
  • Tuesday is Inventions and Create a Soft Drink day where the kids get an opportunity to be an inventor!  They learn about patents and make their own soft drink.
  • Wednesday is Pop Art day and the kids get to create the ads and commercials for the drink they invented the day before. They create an Andy Warhol inspired Dr Pepper art work based on his Campbell Soup Cans.
  • On Thursday we have our Soda Jerk Academy where the kids get to create their own Big Red Ice Cream with strawberries for the Ice Cream Social at the end of the day. They try out a few old-fashioned soda fountain recipes including malts and egg creams.  The kids also learn what a Soda Jerk does and even jerk their own Dr Pepper in our fountain.  At the end of the day they are officially recognized as Soda Jerks and take home a certificate to prove it!

To participate in this amazing summer program, it is $10 for one day ($8 for Museum Members and Pepper Partners) and $35 for the week ($25 for Museum Members and Pepper Partners).

You can get the registration form here

. Get your kids signed up for the fun today!

Here are some pictures from this year!

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