History of Free Enterprise Institute

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The Free Enterprise Institute, founded in 1997 at the Dr Pepper Museum is named in honor of W. W. “Foots” Clements. He is the co-founder of the Museum, along with Wilton A. Lanning, Jr., a prominent Waco civic leader.

Free Enterprise Institute Office
Free Enterprise Institute Founder WW Clements
Dr Pepper Truck

Mr. Clements advanced from route salesman in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Dr Pepper Company. His 50 year career in the soft drink industry illustrates his unusual work ethic, talent, and perseverance.

While in senior management, Mr. Clements managed the growth of the Dr Pepper brand from a Texas-based regional soft drink to the third-largest and fastest-growing major brand in the nation.

He consistently attributed his success to America’s Free Enterprise System, and his management style was strongly influences by The Golden Rule.

“Do Unto Others” was his personal philosophy, as well as the guiding influence of the W. W. “Foots” Clements Free Enterprise Institute.


For more information about Foots Clements, the Free Enterprise Institute, and the free enterprise economic system, visit the exhibit on the 3rd floor of the Dr Pepper Museum.

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