Due to capacity, staffing, and social distancing restrictions, we are not able to accommodate most tour requests until further notice. For school and summer camp groups, we will make decisions about requests on a case by case basis.

Contact [email protected] or 254-757-1024 ext. 129 for inquiries.



Groups will be required to pay 20% of their initial estimated cost before their tour will be officially confirmed.

  • Groups will pay the 20% deposit through an invoice sent by the FEI Programs Manager.
  • When the deposit is paid, it will be indicated on the Outlook Calendar and they will be sent a confirmation letter.
  • When the group arrives for the tour the admissions desk will charge the group for the amount of people that arrive and then subtract the amount they paid in advance (on the outlook event and the invoice) as a “discount.”

Special Cases

Groups that cannot pay with an invoice will pay with a check or cash in the mail and the check or cash will be in the safe until the group arrives. At the time of arrival, the check will be entered in the system as a separate item and then the group will be charged like any other group.


If a group cancels before two weeks prior to their tour then they will be refunded in full either through Square or the mail. If a group does not cancel and does not show for their tour any deposits or payments that have been made be given to the FEI Programs Dept.

  • For student safety, we require a 10:1 student to chaperone ratio. Required chaperones are free, additional chaperones will pay a discounted rate.

  • Field Trips require a 20% deposit before they can be confirmed through an online invoice which will be sent by the museum representative. Deposits can be refunded if the tour is canceled at least two weeks prior to the event.

  • Tour groups must have a minimum of 10 people. Groups that exceeds 90 people may require additional time or chaperones to complete the program.

  • Field Trip requests must be sent two weeks prior to the tour date. It may take up to a week to receive a response concerning your tour.

  • Special accommodations will be made for differently abled classes, please ask if your students need any changes to our typical programs.

VIP (Very Important Pepper)

On this one-hour tour, an expert guide takes your class through the story of Dr Pepper from its invention and the growth of the soft drink industry. Students will meet a recreation of the inventor of Dr Pepper in the Old Corner Drug Store, explore the history of bottling, enjoy a guided tour of the original bottling facility, and sample Dr Pepper from our soda fountain.


  • $3 per student, free required chaperones, and $3 per additional chaperones
  • One hour
  • Sample of Dr Pepper
Waco Texas Home of Dr Pepper

Business of Bubbles

The Business of Bubbles is a fun and interactive tour of our East Wing building. On this one-hour tour, your students will discover how a soft drink is created, produced, distributed, and marketed. They will play a few games and experience a fun, hands-on assembly line activity while getting to know the stories behind other sodas like Big Red and 7UP. Along the way, your class might even encounter some cool Waco history and get a peek into how our collections experts evaluate the Museum’s artifacts. Afterward, take home a traditional glass bottle of Dr Pepper.


  • $3 per student, free for required chaperones, and $3 per additional chaperone
  • One hour
  • Sample of Dr Pepper

Create A Soft Drink

Our most popular tour, the Create a Soft Drink tour allows students to create an original soft drink. The first hour, students have a guided tour of the original bottling building. The second hour, they work in teams to develop their own soft drink. Then, students create a marketing strategy for their new soda, complete with a name, slogan, logo, and label. It is a hands-on experience involving experimentation, teamwork, and imagination to develop their own unique soft drink. The program ends with samples of Dr Pepper from the soda fountain.


  • $7 per child, free for required chaperones, and $6 per additional chaperones
  • Two hours
  • Sample of Dr Pepper
Waco Texas Attractions Create a Soft Drink

Engaging the Economy

This four-hour tour is a hands-on and immersive way for your students to learn about economics. Students discover how principles of free enterprise and marketing strategies work by developing their own soda companies. In teams, students use imagination, teamwork, and experimentation to create their own, unique soft drink and market that soda. Then, students identify the impact of marketing in their lives with a taste test experiment. Next, students take a guided tour of the Museum’s historic bottling factory, analyzing ways Dr Pepper utilized marketing strategies. Finally, students enjoy a Dr Pepper float from our soda fountain.


  • $10 per child, free for required chaperones, and $6 per additional chaperone
  • Four hours
  • Dr Pepper Floats


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