We are so excited about your interest in the Free Enterprise Institute! Below are the questions we are most frequently asked about what the Free Enterprise Institute does. If your question is not answered here, please email us at [email protected].

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Who can participate in Advertising and Marketing Kid Style?

  • The program is written at the 5th grade level, but we are happy to have students from 3rd grade through college
  • Home-school groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Campfire, 4-H, church groups, private school and public school groups are welcome

All day? Are you serious?

Yes! Ideally, groups arrive about 9 AM and stay until 2:30 3 PM. That allows us time to do everything! We can make adjustments in the program based on travel time as necessary. Make sure students (and adults) bring a lunch.

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Create a Soft Drink Kids Program

I’m not able to come all day, but I could give you a couple of hours. What could we do with that?

  • We also offer a two-hour version called Create a Soft Drink. Essentially, it’s just the hands-on portion without the workbook or commercials. Students get the tour and then work in teams to create their own soft drinks. There is an opportunity for students to do a little “show and tell” as the spokesperson for their creation at the end. (Approximately 2 hours).

I’d like to do this with the students in my school, but we have 92 students in our 4th grade. What can I do?

We are limited to about 30 simply because of the size of the room we are working in. We have several schools that bring the whole grade over several days

This is just for Gifted and Talented students, right?

No! While many of our returning teachers bring their GT students, this program is a great experience for ALL students!

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Create a Soft Drink Waco Texas

Speaking of curriculum, how can we tie this into what we are studying at school?

  • Language arts and advertising – propaganda; reading for meaning, writing for a purpose
  • Mathematics and measurement – using addition and subtraction to solve problem
  • Science and laboratory practices – following procedures, problem-solving
  • Social Studies, history and economics
  • Art, graphic design, and drama

*Contact the Programs Department with assistance with specific TEKS alignment or ideas for integration with our existing curriculum

Can we do this program on a weekend?

Unfortunately, at this time no.

We can’t come to you, can you come to us?

We currently have three different programs available for rent in our Classroom in a Cooler Program that can be picked up from the Museum. Contact our programs department for more information.

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