Camp Time!

Dr Pepper Museum Summer Camp logoWe have a variety of things going on this summer here at the Dr Pepper Museum.  We have a week of camp coming up shortly and one of our interns – Leah – has been working hard with other staff members to get ready for this exciting program for kids.  As part of her work on the summer camp, Leah has written up a bit about what the campers will be doing during camp and other projects she is involved here at the DPM!

Looking for something cool to do this summer?  Come on down to the Dr Pepper Museum for our unique summer camp!

It’s a 4 day adventure (though you may enroll for an individual day also) from July 11th-14th and again August 8th-11th.

  • Monday is all about creating and marketing your very own soft drink.
  • Tuesday lets YOU become a soda jerk for a day- you get to learn about the history of making soft drinks and have the chance to step behind the counter and make some Dr Pepper for real!
  • Wednesday brings Soda Pop Science- a series of experiments using carbonated water, sugar, etc to bring the science concepts behind sodas to life (plus DIY ice cream).
  • Then it all wraps up with Thursday’s Pop Art which showcases plenty of out of the box art projects about soft drinks that  you get to take home!

Hey! My name is Leah and I am an intern in the Programs/Interpretation department of the DPM this summer. That means that I plan and put on camps, lead programs, help with events, and give tours. Some of the projects I have a hand in this summer include the DPM summer camps, The Dr Pepper and Sports section of the tour, the Free Enterprise Institute newsletter, and another camp called Kids Invent! Toys that will be revisited in the spring next year!

A bit of background on me: I am in my 3rd year at Baylor and will be graduating in May with a degree in Archeology and  Anthropology with a minor in Museum Studies. I grew up in Waco and actually created my own soft drink here when I was in the 5th grade.

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