Calling All Campers!

Summer Camp logoHi!  Michelle here!  When I began my internship here June 4th, I was given the opportunity to help with the summer camp program the museum has June 25-28th, July 9-10th, and August 6-9th 2012. While reading about the camp and talking with parents who want to enroll their kids and their friends, I discovered how neat this program was.

The program runs Monday thru Thursday from 1:00 pm-4:30 pm with a different theme each day. Mondays are Soda Pop Science where the kids learn about carbonation and how it works through experiments. Tuesday is Create a Soft Drink day where the kids get an opportunity to make their own soft drink. Divided into teams, campers choose three different flavors for three different soft drinks. One soft drink is picked for the kids to create marketing for on Wednesday. Wednesday is Pop Art day and the kids create ads and commercials for the drink they created the day before. They also are able to create Andy Warhol inspired Dr Pepper art work based on his Campbell Soup Cans. On Thursday we have our Soda Jerk Academy where the kids get to create their own Big Red Ice Cream with strawberries that they will share with their parents at the end of the day. They also receive a recipe book with different old fashioned soda fountain recipes and make a malt and an egg cream. The kids also learn what a Soda Jerk does and compete in a relay using those skills. At the end of the day they receive a certificate stating that they are a jerk!  Well, a Soda Jerk, at least!

The program is for ages 8 up to 13 years old.  To participate in this POP-tastic! Summer Camp, it is $10 for one day($8 for Museum Members and Pepper Partners) and $35 for the week($25 for Museum Members and Pepper Partners).  The fees include program supplies, materials, and snacks.  You can get the registration form here.

I know for sure if I was a kid I would come to the Dr Pepper Museum and enjoy such a unique and cool opportunity!

Here are some pictures from last year!

Certifiied Soda Jerks

A Soda Jerk

A Soda Jerk

A Soda Jerk showing off her hat

Making a Dr Pepper

Making Ice Cream

Showing off their soft drink creation

Label for the greatest drink in history!

Creating a soft drink

Creating a soft drink

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