Classroom in a Cooler

Bring the Dr Pepper Museum to your classroom today!

We have three travelling coolers for you to choose from.  Each cooler rents for only $25 a week (JUST $5 A DAY!).  Cooler topics include: The Science of Fizz, The Skinny on Sweeteners, and The Business of Inventing.

The Science of Fizz

Students will learn about the chemistry of carbonated water. From its beginning in Europe in the 1700s, carbonated water’s history and scientific properties will be explored with fun and engaging materials and experiments. They will learn about Jacob Schweppes, John Priestley, how the Schweppes carbonation machine worked, the different stoppers used on early bottles, and the parts of a glass bottle. They will see raisins dance in carbonated water and see how the carbonation reacts when it’s hot and when it’s cold.

a.     TEKS:

                                          i.    112 Science

1.     112.20 Grade 8

2.     112.35 Chemistry High School

                                         ii.    113 Social Studies

1.     113.24 Grade 8

2.     113.33 World History Studies High School

The Skinny on Sweeteners

Students need to learn at a young age how to enjoy in moderation the many sweetened products available for their consumption.  It is important for everyone to know how natural sugar, corn syrup, and other chemicals are used to sweeten and flavor many everyday products.  This cooler explores natural and artificial sweeteners and their effects on our bodies. Hands-on activities help students to make informed choices about the foods they eat.


The Business of Inventing

Got an idea for a new product? Interested in patenting it? This cooler explores the ideas of invention and patenting. Follow the three Dr Pepper Inventors and learn how Dr Pepper got its start. Students will learn what a patent is, how patents work, and what criteria an inventor has to meet in order to patent their idea. Students will also develop their own inventions and patent them.

b.     TEKS

                                          i.    120 Business Education

1.     120.3 Business Venture Middle School

To bring a travelling trunk to your school contact the Dr Pepper Museum by email at or call us at 254-757-1025 ext. 129!