Other Ways To Help


here are a variety of ways you can invest in the work of the Dr Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute.

Contribution to the Capital Campaign to Complete the Expansion for:

  • Additional Educational Space - The Museum is limited in the number of students who can be
    educated on-site at the Institute. The current facility cannot accommodate all the student groups who want to engage in the Institute's programs. By increasing classroom space, the Free Enterprise Institute can greatly increase the number of students educated each year.
  • Additional Equipment - The Free Enterprise Institute needs additional classroom equipment, outreach components, and transportation to present its programs to a larger audience. Interactive video and computer programs are envisioned as a part of an expanded educational center.
  • Additional Collection and Archive Storage - As the Museum’s collections have grown, additional space is needed to adequately store and expand archives and objects. Relocating the collection storage to the Kellum-Rotan building will allow for the creation of a consolidated, climate-controlled, and secure environment for the collections. This move will allow for more public exhibit space in the Dr Pepper Museum building.

Contribution to Endowment Growth

Endowment revenue provides an ongoing stream of operating dollars that are essential to the Museum’s future strength. Adequate endowment assures that the Dr Pepper Museum will be effective far into the future. Today the Museum’s endowment is just over $800,000. The current endowment goal established by the Board of Directors is $1 Million. However with expanded facilities and increasing energy costs it is likely the Board will see the need to increase this goal in the near future.

Life Memberships

The Dr Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute is a membership organization. Those interested in the future and the success of the Museum and Institute are encouraged to be members and actively participate in the Museum operations. Life Memberships are available to donors who specifically designate a contribution of $1,000 or more to the endowment fund.

Annual Giving as a Pepper Partner

A new annual giving program Pepper Partners for individuals, students, senior citizens, families, affiliate groups, and businesses was instituted in 2006. New benefits and support levels will be offered to broaden the Museum’s donor base, strengthen the operating budget, and better meet the needs of the institution. Click HERE to visit the Pepper Partner page!

Planned Giving

The Dr Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute, as part of its ongoing development program, seeks "planned" or "estate" gifts. The Museum will work with the donor’s representatives to create a giving vehicle that is appropriate for each situation. All information concerning donors or prospective donors, including their names, names of their beneficiaries, the amounts of gifts, sizes of estates, etc., will be kept strictly confidential by this organization and its authorized personnel unless permission is obtained from the donor to release such information.


The Board of Directors and staff working together shall design donor appreciation and recognition programs for each of the giving programs. These acknowledgements may include, formal thank you letters, published acknowledgement in the Museum’s newsletter and Website, recognition at public and private events for donors, and recognition in designated donor areas of the Museum.