History of Dr Pepper Museum

Achievements and Highlights


100th Anniversary of Dr Pepper celebration in Waco sparks interest in creating a museum. W.W. “Foots” Clements spearheads efforts to establish a museum.


Non-profit organization established by Calvin Smith, Wilton Lanning and Glen Houston.


Established first museum office with professional staff Joe Cavanaugh named Executive Director. Launched first major fundraising campaign.


Began restoration of the "Home of Dr Pepper."


Opened to the public on May 11 (with 900 square foot exhibit area) and began fundraising for second phase.


Began second phase construction (back of first floor, front of second floor). Purchased All-Tex property located at 500 Mary St.


Opened new exhibits on first and second floors.


Tripled size of gift shop to increase earned income.


Began fundraising for long-term exhibition on first floors ($258,500 goal). Project funded through Meadows Foundation matching grant ($91,000).


Opened long-term exhibition on first floor. Began fundraising for Free Enterprise Institute. The Museum accepted the donation of the Dunagan Archives, the most comprehensive soft drink archives in Texas and the Southwest.


Formal opening of W. W. “Foots” Clements Free Enterprise Institute Launched Internet home page website.


Launched Free Enterprise educational program. Began plans for expanding program to different grade levels on site. Began formal plans for expansion of Museum.


Approved architect's preliminary plans for expansion of campus.


Jack N. McKinney named Executive Director. Launched $6.5 Million fundraising campaign.


Caritas property purchased by the Museum for future expansion. The Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary and 600,000th visitor in May. Cadbury Schweppes (now Dr Pepper Snapple Group) begins payment of $1.5 million pledge to Dr Pepper Museum expansion.


W. W. “Foots” Clements, Chairman Emeritus of Dr Pepper/Seven-Up Inc. and benefactor of the Dr Pepper Museum passes away at the age of 88. The Museum acquires the Behren's collection of drugstore and pharmacy objects and archives.


Construction is completed on a new parking lot for the Museum.


Construction is completed on a new courtyard for the Museum.


The Museum’s endowment fund grows to over $800,000. City of Waco grants $339, 000 TIF money to the expansion campaign. May 11, 2005, 850,000 visitors by the 14th birthday of the Museum.


Renovation of the Kellum-Rotan Building begins.  Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages (now Dr Pepper Snapple Group) announces that it will move its collection of soft drink objects and archival material valued at more that $2.6 million to the care of the Dr Pepper Museum.


Dr Pepper Museum welcomes its 1,000,000th visitor.


W.W. "Foots" Clements--Dr Pepper Salesman Exhibit opens on the Museum's third floor.  Kellum-Rotan Building exterior renovation completed.


In recognition of the 125th anniversary of the creation of Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Snapple Group issue a $750,000 three-year challenge grant for the expansion of the Dr Pepper Museum


Museum Surpasses 1.25 million visitors & celebrates its 20th year with the completetion of Phase III. Expansion includes the President's Boardroom, Hillcrest Conference Center & new administrative offices. The Museum earned a matching $250,000 from Dr Pepper Snapple Group for 2011.


Construction begins on Phase IV of the Museum's Expansion.