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Baylor University and the Dr Pepper Company have enjoyed a lengthy partnership over the years. This partnership is illustrated by the bottles that you see above. On the far left is a 32 oz. bottle commemoratiing the Southwear Conference Champions Baylor Bears in 1980. The Bears were defeated in the Cotton Bowl Classic by the University of Alabama but were still number one in the Southwest Conference. The next bottle is from 1974 and commemorates another successful year in Baylor football. In this season the Bears were crowned the Southwest Conference Champions. This bottle is appealing to many fans and collectors alike as it contains the popular "sailor bear" logo, a favorite among Baylor alumni. The next two bottles commemorate the successes of the Baylor Lady Bear Basketball team. In 2005 and in 2012, the Baylor Lady Bears won the National Championship. In 2012 the Bears claimed the title by completing a record breaking 40-0 season, winning every game they played that year. This collection represents a unique part of history.

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SWC Championship Footballs

We recently received a generous donation of two footballs from Peggy Norris. They make an excellent addition to the story we are able to tell about Baylor and Dr Pepper represented by the commemorative bottles.

The first football commemorates Baylor's title as the 1980 Southwest Conference Champions, and corresponds with the 32 oz. bottle. The second football commemorates the January 1, 1981 Cotton Bowl Classic game between Baylor and the University of Alabama. Alabama ended up winning 30 - 2. Both footballs are signed by the entire Baylor team, with notable signatures including Grant Teaff, Walter Abercrombie, and Michael Singletary.



Mrs. Norris included a handwritten letter in her donation explaining the origin of the footballs in her family (transcription below):



"To whom it may concern:

I am donating these footballs in my husband's name Billy Joe Morris as he passed away recently. He waso n Baylor's Varsity Team and graduated in 1949 after his return from the South Pacific. Later he was hired by A. G. Spalding who were the makers of these footballs.

We both attended and graduated from the old Waco High School.

- Quarterback and Cheerleader -

Believe it or not Dr Pepper is always in the fridge.


Mrs. Bill (Peggy) J. Norris"

On behalf of everyone at the Dr Pepper Museum, the Collections Department thanks Mrs. Norris and her family for sharing these footballs with the public through our collection. For more information about the historiccollections housed at the Dr Pepper Museum, please email us at collections@drpeppermuseum.com.